Daily Inspiration – 11.30.17

Edeka: Known for its powerful and controversial ads, the German supermarket released a holiday short film set in dystopian 2117. After seeing an old movie of a family celebrating Christmas, a robot searches for real human love. Read more here.

Intermarché: A boy becomes concerned that Santa won’t fit down the chimney because of his size in a new ad by the French grocer. To help Saint Nick out, the child finds healthier options for him at Intermarché and puts him on a diet. Read more here.

Ikea: After launching its Ikea Place app to help users decide the ideal place for furniture, the retailer is relaunching the augmented reality app in time for the holidays to help you find the best place for your Christmas tree. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 11.27.17

R.I.D.E.: Canadian road safety group R.I.D.E. partnered with BBDO Toronto to create a campaign on the consequences of driving high. Medical cannabis producer Beleave created three new strains of weed for the campaign each representing the outcome of driving high. Read more here.


Samsung: The phone manufacturer released a holiday ad today that packs four holidays into one. In the 60-second spot, a dedicated doorman decorates his apartment’s lobby with decorations for every holiday his tenants celebrate from Diwali to Chinese New Year. Read more here.


TIME Inc.: The Iowa-based Media company Meredith announced this weekend that it will be purchasing Time Inc. for $2.8 billion giving the company access to major titles including People, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly. Notable investors include the billionaire Koch brothers, who put $650 million into the deal. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 11.21.17

Gatorade: In this emotional spot from the popular sports drink company, Serena Williams sends her baby girl an inspiring message while holding her. As part of its “Sisters in Sweat” campaign, the brand hopes to encourage young girls to continue to pursue athletic interests and the lessons that come with them. Read more here.


Lego: In its new “Build It Together” Christmas ad, Lego Australia focuses on diversity this holiday season. The one-minute animation took over nine days to film and over 12,000 Lego pieces to create 13 characters including Santa and the Asian character who saves him. Read more here.


UNHCR: In partnership with the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees created a brand campaign inviting people to donate their physical activity to help power refugee camps. The IOC will convert people’s recorded activity into providing solar powered lighting solutions. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 11.7.17

Aldi: Kevin the Carrot makes a return appearance in the global supermarket’s new Christmas ad. After last year’s successful holiday campaign, which resulted in a 15.1% sales growth, agency McCann U.K. created a sequel featuring a story of heroism and carrot love. Read more here.

Poo-Pourri: The fragrance toilet spray company released a new ad to “relieve” gift-givers everywhere! The five-minute long video introduces internet comedian JP Sears as a member of the Poo-Pourri family who constantly struggles with giving gifts, while Bethany Woodruff portrays the Poo-Pourri fairy with the perfect gift for all. Read more here.

USPS: To showcase their efficiency in delivering online orders and their latest tracking feature, the mail courier’s new holiday ad shows them delivering a special present to a boy and his teddy bear just before Christmas morning. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.27.17

Burger King: The fast-food chain is throwing out a spooky promotion this Halloween season in France and bringing Whoppers back from the dead. In this creative stunt by Buzzman, customers can go in store on Oct. 31st and get a Whopper in zombie-themed packaging with receipt proof of a previous Whopper purchase. Read more here.
Virtual Reality: A senior living facility is using virtual reality technology to allow residents to experience fuller, happier lives. Residents are revisiting their old homes, touring major landmarks and experiencing old memories from the comfort of their home. Read more here.
Xfinity: To highlight its security products, the company released a mini horror film titled “The Neighborhood.” In the horror film, a burlap mask is delivered as a present, making its rounds throughout a suburban neighborhood and those gifted with the mask face a scary fate. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.18.17

Bud Light: The beer brand has parodied the hipster, millennial-targeted ad tropes in a musical and remarkably self-aware new ad spot. The video features sun-drenched beaches and friends enjoying bohemian lifestyles with cans of Bud Light: “a fresh, smooth lighthearted beer for a try-hard world.” Read more here.

Burger King: The burger chain tackles bullying and the bystander problem in a commercial designed to do more than sell burgers. Timed along with National Bullying Prevention Month, Burger King poses a social experiment to customers in its restaurant. When it comes to bullying, which would bystanders rather stand up and defend: a high-school junior or a Whopper Jr? Read more here.

Snapchat: The video-sharing app is teaming up with NBCUniversal and the Duplass Brothers to produce its very first scripted series, marking the biggest move Snap Inc. has made in terms of producing and investing in original content. As for the series, it will be shot and presented in vertical video format for easy watching. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.17.17

#HowIWillChange: In response to the viral #MeToo social movement on women’s sexual harassment, men are posting on their social media with #HowIWillChange to become better supporters. Journalist Benjamin Law started the response on Monday by tweeting “Guys, it’s our turn. After yesterday’s endless #MeToo stories of women being abused, assaulted and harassed, today we say #HowIWillChange.” Read more here.

Netflix: The streaming service is continuing their push into the movie industry  with a recent announcement of their plans to spend $8 billion in 2018 on original movie content. The company plans to release 80 original movies compared to the 50 planned for 2017. This decision comes just in time as all Disney movies will be removed from Netflix’s library by 2019. Read more here.

Snapchat: In efforts to increase engagement during NBA games, Snapchat has partnered with the NBA to release 3D dancing foam fingers in their World Lenses filter. Basketball fans will be able to interact with the dancing foam finger decked out in their home team gear. The lens will be launched on the 2017 season’s inaugural game. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.12.17

Facebook: The social media giant announced today that Facebook Stories is opening up to Pages, allowing brands to fill the void that’s largely overlooked by individuals in favor of Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook expects to see brands use the feature for more intimate content, like behind-the-scenes looks inside companies and their marketing campaigns. Read more here.

Kudos: For those too young for today’s social media landscape, there’s a new app that wants to make a gentle introduction with a platform just for kids. Kudos is a social sharing app for kids aged eight to 13 that aims to teach its users social media responsibility and digital citizenship in a safe environment that’s monitored around the clock. Read more here.

Pizza Hut: The pizza chain is the latest to come up with unique clothing as a marketing device. It’s giving away “Pizza Parkas” to tout the materials used in its new “oven hot” delivery pouches, including 3M Thinsulate insulation and a weather resistant “outer crust” and even a pizza-shaped inner pocket. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.9.17

State Street Corp.: The parent company of the investment firm behind Wall Street’s iconic Fearless Girl statue agreed to pay a combined $5 million to more than 300 women and 15 black employees who were paid less than their white, male counterparts, according to a federal audit. This comes after the viral statue won 18 honors at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Read more here.

KFC:  WWE2K18 just got finger lickin’ better with their newest wrestler addition—KFC’s iconic Colonel Sanders! As part of WWE’s ongoing partnership with the fast food chain, it made sense to add this new character into the mix. Read more here.

Snapchat: The mobile platform’s newest augmented reality feature, called ART, allows artists to create digital work and insert it into geo-tagged locations around the world. This sparked controversy in the art community since big businesses will be able to plaster and monetize art work wherever they’d like causing artists to “fight back” about whether corporations should be rent on these geo-tagged spaces. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 10.4.17

Instagram: The mobile photo-sharing app now allows iOS users post a story with a sticker that acts as a two-option poll. Along with Instagram stories’ filters, text and stickers, the poll allows for more customization and interaction with friends. IG users will receive notifications as followers vote their pick, and the vote breakdown can be found by simply swiping up on your story. Read more here.

Seamless: The food delivery service launched a new campaign called “Eaters of New York” featuring illustrations of New Yorkers with their delivered food. The campaign begins with a signage takeover at Madison Square Garden from now until Oct. 11. Seamless invites people to submit a selfie on Instagram for a chance to win a drawn portrait of themselves as part of the campaign in their “Become a Character” contest. Read more here.

Tinder: The dating app just got a lot more fun with Tinder’s launch of “Tinder Reactions”, a new messaging feature created in partnership with comedian Whitney Cummings. Instead of a basic reply, users can now reply to messages with animated reactions from throwing martinis at jerks to using eye rolls. Because women tend to experience more inappropriate messages than men, they have more reactions to choose from. Read more here.