Daily Inspiration – 10.3.17

Chili’s: The fast casual chain is “Back, Baby, Back” with a new jingle that captures their new rebranding efforts with a familiar rhythm. Chili’s has recognized its identity crisis and is headed back to basics, focusing on the ribs, burgers and fajitas that made them famous. Read more here.

Dropbox: The file hosting service is kicking off a new wave of marketing and branding with an intriguing anthem spot that ties back to the brand’s new messaging: “the world needs your creative energy.” The integrated campaign will feature hand-drawn illustrations and artists like Childish Gambino to humanize the tech-focused brand. Read more here.

Snapchat: The photo/video sharing app plans to launch a new augmented reality art platform featuring artists like Jeff Koons in places like Las Vegas, Sydney and Paris. It will allow art to be pinned to specific locations in augmented reality so users can see it when they hold up their phones in the right spot. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 9.28.17

Audi: In the German automobile manufacturer’s latest U.K. ad, careless clowns are taking over the road, swerving while applying makeup and more. Thankfully, Audi’s safety features are helping drivers navigate their way through town. The tagline “Audi Technology. Clown Proof.” appears at the end showing its consumers that their cars can overcome any circus faced while driving. Read more here.

MoonPie: The marshmallow-filled treat’s clever Twitter persona strikes again! MoonPie responded to Twitter’s announcement of expanding their character limit to 280 in the best way possible—by declining this change in exactly 279 characters. After a Twitter clap back by the company against Hostess during the 2017 Eclipse, the witty response was only expected. Read more here.

Snapchat: The mobile app is already monetizing their new 3D world lenses feature by allowing brands to take part in the fun. Snapchat released a case study showing advertisers the business advantage of using these augmented reality features. As an example, they use launch partners Warner Bros and Bud Light to show what cool things can be done like having your Bitmoji avatar act as a beer street vendor in the middle of Times Square. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 9.26.17

Huggies: The diaper brand’s latest ad promotes its diapers as “comfy gear for moving babies” in an adorable online campaign titled the “World’s First Baby Marathon.” A tracking device is attached to four baby athletes to see who can move through their home obstacle courses the fastest. The idea created by Ogilvy comes from a study suggesting that babies cover up to 4.3 miles a day once they become mobile. Read more here.

Netflix: The sky’s the limit for this streaming company as they attempt to expand streaming access to the clouds and look into partnering with airlines. Those with Netflix memberships will be able to access their accounts and those without would have the opportunity to sign up for a 30-day trial, potentially gaining new subscribers. Read more here.

Twitter: The social platform may be increasing its now-iconic 140-character limit to 280 characters. The new expansion feature has been made available to select groups as a test before releasing to the public. Twitter made the decision to consider increasing the character count after realizing those typing in languages like English and Spanish have more limitations than those tweeting in languages such as Japanese or Korean. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 9.22.17

L.L. Bean: The outdoor retailer delivers a marketing strategy AND a brand promise with a full-page newspaper ad – that can only be read outside. Indoors, the ad invites the reader to bring the page outside, which reveals the rest of the message in a phonochromic ink that turns different colors when exposed to ultraviolet light. Read more here.

Patrón: The tequila brand wants to bring a tiny virtual hacienda into your home – complete with tiny agave plants, field workers, a pastel mansion and a virtual bartender to teach how the booze is made. Patrón has rolled out an app that takes full advantage of Apple’s new augmented-reality toolkit and projects its distillery onto any flat surface like a floor or table. Read more here.

Snowbird: A ski resort in Utah has decided to embrace its haters in a print and digital campaign that contrasts frustrated customer reviews with gorgeous sweeping views. Snowbird is known for its steep terrain, long runs and deep snow, which might repel beginner skiers and snowboarders but brings back core guests year after year. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 9.7.17

Halo Top: Ad parody master Mike Diva teamed up with the ice cream brand for more offbeat advertising set in a world where humans are enslaved by robots, and ice cream serves as the connector between the two. The creepy, Kubrick-like ad will run in cinemas and online – most aptly before screenings of Stephen King’s It. Read more here.

Ikea: The furniture retailer is keeping its coveted catalogs safe from thieving friends with fake magazine covers. The covers are downloadable and printable online and fit the exact dimensions of the catalog  – and are designed to look boring. Magazine covers about sheepdogs, spoons, lampposts and spoons are sure to keep paws off the catalog.  Read more here.

Lowes: The home improvement giant launched a new Instagram campaign this morning to dramatically transform a little vertical room – perfectly sized for the dimensions of Instagram. The campaign launched via Instagram Stories and crams 64 microvideos into 35 seconds, showing the change from wasted space to a charming play-space. Read more here.

Daily Inspirations 9.6.17

Apple: Just before the release of their new Apple Watch, the tech giant made headlines after The New York Times reported that the Boston Red Sox used their very product to cheat in a game against the Yankees. Online users are finding this comical and adding “stealing hand signs” to the list of Apple Watch capabilities. Read more here.

McDonalds: Just in time for the back-to-school season, the fast-food chain introduced its new line of espresso drinks—perfect for mom! The ad shows two fighting siblings simultaneously complaining to their mom. They don’t stop talking until she take a sip from her McCafe cup, giving her a moment to herself. Read more here.

Nike: Nike and ad agency Wieden + Kennedy are introducing the future of retail with the Nike Makers’ Experience. This unique event is invite-only and allows attendees to customize their shoes and get it produced on-site an hour later. The technology combines augmented reality and projection systems to bring the shoes to life. Read more here.

Daily Inspirations 8.25.17

Cisco: Two days away from the Game of Throne’s finale, Cisco launched a campaign ‘The Network. Intuitive’ with Peter Dinklage to explain it all. The digital-only campaign has Dinklage introduce the world at large to its new, simple and monumental, “intent-based networking” solutions, as he wanders the streets of London. Read more here.


Muun: German mattress brand Muun created a short film to show how comfort is not only found on a mattress. The brand hired Jinx Monsoon, season 5 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, to show how someone can live completely outside the norm and still feel perfectly comfortable. Read more here.


Wattpad: The social publishing platform for sharing original stories and chat fiction is launching a video focused app, Raccoon. The app will focus on non-fiction video-based storytelling with the goal to connect storytellers and their audience. Read more here.


Daily Inspiration – 8.22.17

Hanes: The underwear company is challenging consumers to think like Michael Jordan in an interactive experience supporting Hanes’ new X-temp line. The integrated campaign leads the viewer through typical MJ scenarios and offers a choice throughout: what would Michael Jordan do? The game ultimately leads to an online sweepstakes, where participants have the chance to meet the basketball star. Read more here.

Kind: The wholesome snack brand is showing what today’s kids are really made of: mostly added sugar. To promote its low-sugar snack alternatives, Kind has stacked up sugar boxes in Times Square and built sugar statues of kids to represent the 45,000 pounds of sugar that U.S. kids eat every minute. Read more here.

Volvo: Volvo journeys to the bottom of the sea and explores the resilience of humans in its ongoing “Human Made Stories” series. The videos are each over five minutes and keep Volvo cars in the background, focusing instead on telling true, inspiring stories and delivering some pretty impressive feels. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 8.21.17

Dunkin’ Donuts: In case you missed the 2017 Great American Eclipse, the American donut brand has got you covered. For those not in the path of totality, Dunkin’ Donuts has created an augmented reality experience by developing a moon modeled after their popular munchkins called a Moonchkin. The Moonchkin allows people to experience a total solar eclipse anywhere. Read more here.

MoonPie: In an eclipse snack showdown, the graham cracker-marshmallow combo went head to head with Hostess Snacks for the title of the official eclipse snack on Twitter.  The original crème-filled snack maker named their Golden Cupcakes the official eclipse snack cake and MoonPie clapped back with a retweet and “lol ok” causing the internet to react and weigh in on the rivalry.  Read more here.

Patagonia: The outdoor clothing company is running its very first television ad targeting Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in efforts to protect U.S. national monuments. The campaign features company founder Yvon Chouinard urging viewers to text Zinke before a federal decision is made on August 24th. Read more here.

Daily Inspiration – 8.17.17

Airbnb: The online hospitality service teamed up with Vice Media to offer four themed travel experiences in Paris, Cape Town, New York and Tokyo. To win, travelers must submit a response to a thematic prompt on the contest page and the 100 most creative entries will receive tickets to their chosen experience and stay in an Airbnb accommodation for the length of the trip. Read more here.


Hyatt: The hotel released a two-and-a-half minute spot focused on unity in a “World of Understanding.” The ad was released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first time Hyatt hosted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders, in a time when few hotels were inviting to people of color. The spot was planned long before the recent events in Charlottesville. Read more here.


The North Face: The “Walls Are Meant For Climbing” campaign will offer a free day of climbing in participating gyms to help the adventure wear company shed its elitist image and start a conversation about building trust and community. The effort will kick off with a “National Climbing Day” on August 19 and will include a $1 million donation to the Trust for Public Land. Read more here.