Daily Inspiration – 10.12.17

Facebook: The social media giant announced today that Facebook Stories is opening up to Pages, allowing brands to fill the void that’s largely overlooked by individuals in favor of Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook expects to see brands use the feature for more intimate content, like behind-the-scenes looks inside companies and their marketing campaigns. Read more here.

Kudos: For those too young for today’s social media landscape, there’s a new app that wants to make a gentle introduction with a platform just for kids. Kudos is a social sharing app for kids aged eight to 13 that aims to teach its users social media responsibility and digital citizenship in a safe environment that’s monitored around the clock. Read more here.

Pizza Hut: The pizza chain is the latest to come up with unique clothing as a marketing device. It’s giving away “Pizza Parkas” to tout the materials used in its new “oven hot” delivery pouches, including 3M Thinsulate insulation and a weather resistant “outer crust” and even a pizza-shaped inner pocket. Read more here.