Daily Inspiration – 10.17.17

#HowIWillChange: In response to the viral #MeToo social movement on women’s sexual harassment, men are posting on their social media with #HowIWillChange to become better supporters. Journalist Benjamin Law started the response on Monday by tweeting “Guys, it’s our turn. After yesterday’s endless #MeToo stories of women being abused, assaulted and harassed, today we say #HowIWillChange.” Read more here.

Netflix: The streaming service is continuing their push into the movie industry  with a recent announcement of their plans to spend $8 billion in 2018 on original movie content. The company plans to release 80 original movies compared to the 50 planned for 2017. This decision comes just in time as all Disney movies will be removed from Netflix’s library by 2019. Read more here.

Snapchat: In efforts to increase engagement during NBA games, Snapchat has partnered with the NBA to release 3D dancing foam fingers in their World Lenses filter. Basketball fans will be able to interact with the dancing foam finger decked out in their home team gear. The lens will be launched on the 2017 season’s inaugural game. Read more here.