Daily Inspiration – 10.18.17

Bud Light: The beer brand has parodied the hipster, millennial-targeted ad tropes in a musical and remarkably self-aware new ad spot. The video features sun-drenched beaches and friends enjoying bohemian lifestyles with cans of Bud Light: “a fresh, smooth lighthearted beer for a try-hard world.” Read more here.

Burger King: The burger chain tackles bullying and the bystander problem in a commercial designed to do more than sell burgers. Timed along with National Bullying Prevention Month, Burger King poses a social experiment to customers in its restaurant. When it comes to bullying, which would bystanders rather stand up and defend: a high-school junior or a Whopper Jr? Read more here.

Snapchat: The video-sharing app is teaming up with NBCUniversal and the Duplass Brothers to produce its very first scripted series, marking the biggest move Snap Inc. has made in terms of producing and investing in original content. As for the series, it will be shot and presented in vertical video format for easy watching. Read more here.