Daily Inspiration – 11.7.17

Aldi: Kevin the Carrot makes a return appearance in the global supermarket’s new Christmas ad. After last year’s successful holiday campaign, which resulted in a 15.1% sales growth, agency McCann U.K. created a sequel featuring a story of heroism and carrot love. Read more here.

Poo-Pourri: The fragrance toilet spray company released a new ad to “relieve” gift-givers everywhere! The five-minute long video introduces internet comedian JP Sears as a member of the Poo-Pourri family who constantly struggles with giving gifts, while Bethany Woodruff portrays the Poo-Pourri fairy with the perfect gift for all. Read more here.

USPS: To showcase their efficiency in delivering online orders and their latest tracking feature, the mail courier’s new holiday ad shows them delivering a special present to a boy and his teddy bear just before Christmas morning. Read more here.